The Q and The Borg Engage


Humanized again, Q joins Picard and 7 of 9 on earth, tests out as starfleet chief admiral, he and 7 have a romance and he is infected with borg nanobots, he slowly starts to change and hears a voice (Hue) beconing him from the other side of the galaxy. Now as Picard’s Chief Admiral, Q, 7, and Picard comendeer a ship and head to Bablylon 5 Station where Chekov is head of Psycore. Q starts to have romantic dreams about Hue which start to effect his relationship with 7. He want so much to want seven but his thoughts keep drifting back to Hue. There’s a waltz scene Q and seven. He starts sing “she’s not Hue,” instead of “she’s not you” (parody of elvis song) or “i Only Have Eyes for Hue”