Absolutely Fabulous – Civilization Make Over

Pats and Eddie Travel to California to find Eddie’s long lost Gay Son’s Twin. They go to post apocalyptic Hollywood Pats lands her own reality civilization makeover show.

PatsDarling your son called from New York, it turns out he has a twin on the west coast. I didn’t know you had twins Darling
EddieNeither did I
PatsWell how could you not know Darling?
EddieWell sweetie I was a groupy following the Greatful Dead. It was the summer of love that lasted 3 years. I was on so many drugs Darling I hardly remember any of it, I may have gone through a portal or something to some caprica cylon breeding program thing. I was in stirups Darling, in and out of consciousness, poppin them out Darling.
PatsWell anyway my agency said we could do a reality show to pay for the trip, we could have a little family reunion of sorts.
EddieWhat show would you be doing darling?
PatsMy Agency set it up, the working title is “Civilation Make Over with Patsy Stone”.
Eddie“Civilization Make Over” Darling?
PatsYes Darling you know how horrible the architecture is in LA, apparently a riot got out of hand and its such a mess, they want to remodel the whole city. I’ve already booked the flight and your bags are already packed in the limo. What do you say darling?
EddieWell there is also this commune I always wanted to check out
PatsCommune Darling?
EddieWell it’s more like a resort darling they offer massages, and classes in meditation, yoga, psychic healing and wellness
PatsWellness darling?
EddieYes its a thing darling