The Muppet Show After Dark with Special Guest – Gonzo

KermitHello and welcome to “The Muppet Show After Dark! “
Tonight we are joined by Gonzo who will be chatting with us about his polyamorous pansexual hermaphroditic chicken’s.
Welcome to the show Gonzo.
GonzoHello Kermit, it’s a pleasure to be here, thanks for having me on the show.
KermitThanks for joining us I know you’re a very busy ma… uh… person. So tell me, how are things?
GonzoWell Kermit, as you know I have many chicken’s on my ranch. I’ve brought a few with me that I’d like to bring out for you to meet.
Kermitok that would be great
GonzoThe first is a rooster, an alpha male named Daddy-o.
Kermitnice to meet you… eh… Daddy-o
GonzoNext we have the alpha female, Mammasita.
KermitNice to meet you Mamma. May I call you Mamma?
GonzoNext we have a hermaphrodite named Hermes.
KermitHermes looks like a hen to me.
GonzoYes, Hermes looks like a hen, but crows like a rooster.
MammasitaI slept with Hermes
Daddy-oOh yeah! Well I did too!
HermesWe’re polyamorous
KermitI’m sorry we’re out of time. Thanks for joining Gonzo and uh friends.