lump of coal

lump of coal

I’m a lump of coal
In your Christmas stocking
I’m a piece of shit
Where you are walking
I’m a wise old man in sailor’s body
Got a big full mouth
And you are wanting

You think you know something
That I don’t
Well I’ve been there before
Standing on both side of the closet
I couldn’t feel the floor
I couldn’t see the ceiling
I was in a daze
Blind, deaf, and horny
I was in a maze
A life full of sucking and not seeing
A life full of fucking and not being.

I don’t want to have a say
But I don’t want it
All your way
I don’t want to make it right
Cause I don’t want to be up all night
Please me
Believe me
I’m so fucking easy
Want me
Don’t front me
All you’ve got is just to feed me.

Words by: Brett Dixon
Music by: Jason Peacock