living with a designer

You’re beautiful
You know that?
Beautiful face
Beautiful body
Don’t speak though
You’ll ruin it
Just stand there mouth closed and
Look thoughtful
That’s it
Now my parents are coming over
Soon so just sit
And smile a lot
And agree
I know,
I know, but they’re old
Humor them a little
Won’t you?
So I thought I’d
Put you over here
By the light
So they can see
How beautiful your hair is
In the sun
And I was thinking…
Maybe it would be good if
You had a magazine in your lap
You don’t have to actually read it
Just look up from the page when they walk in
You know with that
“I’m deeper than I appear” look
You do so well…
Oh but then that might
Make you look stuffy…
We need something more accessible
Something in earth tones
Something that says…
I know!
The red checkered apron
We’ll do it all up with
Some flour and some
Tomato juice stains
The whole shebang
It’ll look great

Now when they knock on the door
I want you
To have some bread, or cookies, or pies baking
That you have to keep checking on
I’ll leave that up to you
This will minimize the amount
Of talking you have to do
As well as provide a pleasant aroma
Which adds to the over all
“Family motif”
Ok, now I want you to
Stand by them
Over by the plants
And smile with them
In a kind of “we’re so close” embrace
OK that’s great
Now hold it while I take the picture


BD 1992